5 Ways the Digital World Influence You

The digital world can have a significant impact on our mind and our physical body because we are gravely influenced by our screen time. This influence is shaping our behavior regularly. 

We often hear that technology is something that can change our behaviors for the best; for example, the use of smartwatch to increase exercises or games like Pokémon Go to get children outside. But is this positive behavior change a reality? Or are we trying to provide an excellent reason to spend hours avoiding reality? 

It is a known fact that marketing firms and the media apply psychology to shape the behaviors of their users. You have probably noticed that the use of shocking titles or the sound notification of social media is very good at grabbing your attention. These tactics are shaping human interactions and behaviors every day and not in a good way. 

Influence Your Attention

Nowadays, people are more likely to interrupt a conversation with another individual and shift their attention to their smartwatch or phone if they vibrate. This behavior can be extremely irritating for the person on the other side of the conversation.

Influence Your Need for Gratification

We are consistently entertained and receive instant gratification by our electronics. Besides, we don’t tolerate waiting anymore. People are getting more short-tempered on the roads and in public.

Influence Our Need for Attention

This attention-seeking culture is making us create this “cyber self,” which is often our perceived perfect self and world. It is a world where we can use filters to hide some inconsistencies on our skin or make our face narrower to be more pleasing. 

Influence the Relationship With Yourself

Being distracted by our devices all the time is making us uncomfortable with the thought of being alone with ourselves. It can also make us less capable of dealing with our thoughts and emotions.

Influence Your Autonomy

When we lose track of our true selves and become obsessed with what the external world thinks of us, we become easily manipulated and influenced by others. We lose the ability to think for ourselves and be independent.

Since our behavior is connected to our emotions, our screen time is likely to influence how we feel. In the next chapter, we will learn about emotional awareness and how you can better control your emotions in the digital world.

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