7 Reasons to Unplug Your Electronic Devices

Many people are starting to have negative experiences with the devices. It is said that people only change once the status quo is less comfortable than change. Here are seven reasons to encourage you to unplug your devices now. 

Sleep Better

Research has now demonstrated that the screen light (called blue light) of our device can stimulate the cells in our eyes and reset our internal clock, which is the circadian rhythm. Turn off your electronic devices at least one hour before bed, and you will likely experience an increase in the quality of your sleep.

Increase Your Attention

One of the most noticeable impacts of our digital world is the lack of focus and awareness. The attention span in our digital world has gone from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today 2015 (this is less than a goldfish’s attention, which is about 9 seconds). Disconnect and retrain your mind to focus by being less distracted with constant notifications.

Boardgame Night

Unplug all your electronics and bring back the old fashion board games! Now only will you be entertained but you will also create a great experience with your friends and family. You can make it a weekly routine, which will become a healthy habit.

Reduce Obesity

A longitudinal study showed that 60% of overweight incidence in their study was attributable to excess screen time. Reduce the time you spend in front of the screen to improve your health and maybe you will have more energy to move. It will likely increase your drive to prepare healthier meals. 

Balance Your Mood

Not only is your physical body affected by your electronics, but your mind too. Research links negative emotions like anxiety or depression to high utilizers. It is not a surprise since social media has the potential to trigger insecurities in others. By unplugging, you can balance your emotions.  

Improve Your Posture

Screen time can also impact your posture. A study shows that spending too much time on small devices like a phone can strain muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and spinal discs. 

Gain More Time

According to some studies, this constant distraction that our electronics create can lead us to be 40% less productive during our day. For example, the average user will lose over 3 hours a week just by picking up their phone. Imagine all the time you will acquire when you go offline.

“How To Spend Less Time In The Digital

World and More Time In The Real World”

Finally! Gain More Time, More Energy, And Feel Free From Distractions!

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