Algebra Revealed

Mathematics is one of the first things you have learn in your life. Remember when you are a baby the first thing our parents taught us is to count the numbers. You’ll start learning moving the objects and figures one by one. These things are necessary preparations to learn Algebra.

Algebra as a subject may not have specific daily uses, however knowledge of it can sometimes help solve everyday problems.

Why Algebra is important in our LIFE

Why this algebra matter it’s great question it’s a question that people have been asking for centuries I asked that question your parents asked that question your teachers asked that question you’re asking that question and guess what people are gonna continue to ask that question until someone provides a sane and logical answer.

Did you know that…

Algebra is the foundation of all science and technology.

Algebra is the foundation of economics and engineering.

Algebra is a key to understanding logic and everything in the world around us.

My name is Joseph McDavid I am an engineer by profession. I love numbers since the first I walk myself in a school. I realized many students are so afraid with this subject, they try to avoid it but fail. Algebra is a basic mathematics we have to learn, because this will prepare us for higher mathematics.

Due to its significance, Algebra is sometimes referred to as a gateway subject; those who do not understand it are unprepared for college and the workforce.

This is why I created a book to show how easy it is to understand Algebra. This book will revealed a step by step solving algebraic equations in a very easy way. I made it so simple even elementary student can understand it.


Here are the topics covered in this digital book.

Chapter 1 Variables, Factors and Terms
Chapter 2 Addition of Algebraic Terms
Chapter 3 Subtraction of Algebraic Terms
Chapter 4 The Invisible 1 in Algebra
Chapter 5 Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 6 Dividing Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 7 Addition and Subtraction of Multiple Terms
Chapter 8 Multiplications and Division of Multiple Terms
Chapter 9 Operations of Sign Numbers
Chapter 10 Introduction to Parenthesis
Chapter 11 Rules of Exponents
Chapter 12 Rules of Parenthesis
Chapter 13 Power Rule
Chapter 14 Quotient Rule
Chapter 15 Product Rule
Chapter 16 Polynomials
Chapter 17 Degree of Polynomials
Chapter 18 Forms of Polynomials
Chapter 19 Properties of Algebra
Chapter 20 Add Subtract Multiply Divide Polynomials
Chapter 21 Long Division of Polynomials
Chapter 22 The Real Number System
Chapter 23 From Sentence to Equations
Chapter 24 Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 25 Linear Equations
Chapter 26 Graphing Linear Equations
Chapter 27 Solving Linear Equations Involving Fractions
Chapter 28 Quadratic Formula
Chapter 29 Quadratics Equations by Factoring
Chapter 30 Completing the Square
Chapter 31 Radicals
Chapter 32 Adding and Subtracting Radicals
Chapter 33 Multiplying and Dividing Radicals
Chapter 34 Solving Radical Equations
Chapter 35 Solving Linear Inequalities
Chapter 36 Pythagorean Theorem
Chapter 37 Logarithms and Logarithms Function
Chapter 38 Basic Concepts of Matrix
Chapter 39 Matrix Operations
Chapter 40 Cramer’s Rule

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Solving Algebra problems is just like playing chess one bad move can have terrible consequences. How many times you made mistakes because you missed that – then you have to do it all over again, Algebra teaches you not only to be super careful but to always think in advance.

If you find Algebra boring then it is taught by the wrong person to you.

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