Keto Diet for Beginners

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Big names such as Halle BerryVanessa HudgensLeBron JamesAdriana LimaMegan Fox and Kim Kardashian are among the many who swear by the keto diet for dropping pounds, controlling appetite, enhancing skin and physical endurance, treating metabolic diseases and even curing cancer!
Needless to say, Keto Diet is an IN-DEMAND Lifestyle Trend in the health community and people are desperate to get their hands on this information.
Think about this… Keto Diet is one of the Hottest Trends of the year with MILLIONS of monthly searches online.
As more people are jumping into this diet trend, they are constantly looking for more information about it — The core health benefits, delicious keto-friendly recipes, the how-to’s, diet hacks… and more!

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The Topics covered in this Premium

Keto Diet for Beginners

What Is the Keto Diet?
Understanding Ketosis
The Magic Keto Fats/Protein/Carbs Ratio
How to Tell If You’re in Ketosis
The Big Health Benefits of the Keto Diet
Weight Loss
Improved Heart Health
All-Day Energy And Better Sleep
Reduced Appetite
Reversal of Type II Diabetes
Better Ratio of Good to Bad Cholesterol
Healthy Blood Pressure Level
Reduces Risk of Brain Disorders and Epilepsy
Lowers Risk of Cancer
Reduces Inflammation, Which Has Multiple Benefits
Better Digestion
Boosts Female Fertility and Hormonal Balance
Better Visual Health
Less Anxiety, Stress and Depression
These People Should Be Careful with the Keto Diet
High Blood Pressure
What is the Keto Flu and How Can It Be Avoided?
Preparing Your Body for Success
Are There Any Other Keto Diet Risks?
What Foods Do You Eat on the Keto Diet?
Keto-Approved Foods
The Foods You Should Avoid
Apps That Help You Stay on the Keto Straight and Narrow
Keto-Friendly Recipes
Keto Snacking Tips
21-Day Keto Meal Plan
Keto Cooking Tips and Carb Swaps
Keto Tips for Eating Out
Lifestyle Practices that Boost Your Keto Diet Results

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You will get a PDF (1.24MB) file