How To Stay Private Online

You Are Not Alone Someone Is Watching You

Discover How To Stay Private Online

Protect Your Identity and Your Family

Hide Everything You Do From Spying Eyes

Are you 24/7 connected to the internet?
Have you noticed a sudden slowdown in the performance of your devices?
Do you noticed that your computer’s built-in camera light is on and off.
Maybe you notice a login to your social media accounts to a location you have never been visited.
It is a scary to think that whenever we go online, we’re not alone.
The websites that we visit, the links that we click are all being tracked by social media and advertising companies.
And everybody seems to rely on computer nowadays, 
Bill payments can be done online,
Communication, transportation, entertainment and other aspects of our lives depend on the internet.
It makes some tasks of our life easier to do.
Staying private online is actually less difficult than you might think and pretty much anyone can do it.
But we let these things go and ignore the importance of securing our identity online.

According to
“Over 90% Of Adults Put Their Personal Data At Risk, Increasing Chances Of Identity Theft”…
“According to Risk Based Security research newly published in the 2019 MidYear QuickView Data Breach Report, the first six months of 2019 have seen more than 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches exposing an incredible 4.1 billion compromised records…” also says:
” Identity fraud up by 57% as thieves ‘hunt’ on social media…Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn had become a “hunting ground” for identity thieves…”

Why online privacy is important

Why do we need privacy online? There a number of reasons. The cyber community changes in an unbelievable pace. Unfortunately, along with these changes are equally unbelievable threats. The nature of the Internet as a tool for communication and education has been used and misused for personal gain, which resulted in cyber attacks and unprecedented rise in cyber crime rates. These rates are expected to increase more rapidly in the coming years if cyber security is not put in place. So, why exactly do we need privacy online? Let us count the reasons.
Hackers are everywhere. He can be your business rival, your neighbor, or simply a person out to take over your computer. He makes use of software loopholes and hijacks your computer through backdoors, usually installed programs, or through cracking software. When he finally marches into your computer, he can gain access to possibly all your personal and confidential information such as bank accounts, credit cards, or top trade secret. He can also use your computer to attack other networks, with you apparently oblivious to all his malicious operations.

Internet scams and frauds are rampant. These include phishing, a very organized cyber crime, which deceives people into giving their banking details. Cyber criminals, pretending to be representatives from legitimate financial institutions, send e-mail messages and ask unsuspecting people to verify their passwords, account numbers, and other vital information. According to a report, in 2019 alone, phishing attempts increased by 81%. These attempts could effectively be counterattacked if they weren’t too sophisticated to actually deaden spam filters.
Cyber theft is a common cyber crime. In fact, it is the most reported. Over time, it has increasingly become so easy for cyber criminals to steal information from computers, not only from individuals but for companies, banks, and other organizations as well. Though they hardly report the case, big companies lose large amounts of money.

These Are The Reason Why We Should Secure Everything We Do Online And Keep Your Online Accounts Private

The 3 Reasons Why Cyber Attacks Are Successfully Executed

Weak Password Combination
Social Media Accounts Are Not Secured
Lack Of Internet Security Awareness
Cyber crime are everywhere
Cyber criminals are smart beings. They find ways to get into our systems and create havoc in less time than we expect. And because they don’t cease to innovate and produce more sophisticated threats, we should always put our guard on and reinforce whatever cyber security measures we have these days.
Massive data breaches, marketers tracking your every step online, shady people exploring the photos you shared in social networks
Fortunately it’s easy to stop the spies and reveal the best way to protect your privacy.



Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside the course


Most people in the civilized world these days use computers. The devices are not just accessories and equipment aiding academic studies. Computers are made to connect online, which in turn could facilitate actual and basic transactions. You could shop, bank, pay bills, transfer funds, reserve tickets, conduct businesses, and do just about anything you need to do online. How To Stay Private Online would help make you secured and safe all the time.
Eye-opening insights how to stay private online.
How to remove all your traces from your computer?
Don’t leave a trace of what you’re doing online.?
How to protect your data?
How to encrypt everything you do online?
How to remove personal information from the web?
How to secure and turn your Social Media accounts private?
Simple ways to protect you from identity theft.
How to protect you and your loved ones from severe data theft
Ways to enhance your system-protection
And many more…
Because there is money across the Internet, defrauders, thieves, and burglars now focus on online crimes. Online transactions are mostly using credit card accounts, debit cards, and Internet accessible bank accounts. Thus, expect hackers and attackers to strive their best to be able to access your sensitive personal information. You might not know it but as you use your personal computer today, you might already be exposed to several Internet security problems.
Protecting your personal information can help reduce your risk of identity theft.
Staying private online safeguard us from cyber criminals who wants our banking information and make unauthorized withdrawals, purchases, and transfers without our knowledge.
In order to avoid damaging your online reputation and to avoid sabotaging your career, you should remove any personal information that might negatively affect your career when applying for a job.
There are increasing number of cyber security threats that needs to be addressed immediately.  Long-term plans and solutions should be created to address the increasing number of victims.  While we wait for government and organizations to come up with long-term solutions, it is our individual responsibility to make sure that we keep our personal and work-related information safe.
Even if you don’t have anything to hide, you need to protect your privacy because something totally innocent could lead to a huge personal threat in the future.


Internet security threats do not stay the same over a period of time.  It evolves. It changes and could go around the different security barriers set up to face its attacks. How many times have we heard that the best cure is prevention?  We should be thinking about that.  Too much reliance and putting too much of our lives on computers has a risk that we should be able to handle and face.  We should be prepared in hading cyber security issues from case to case and in every moment.