The Ultimate Yoga Beginners Guide

Have you ever wanted to improve your life?

Yoga is an ideal exercise to body and mind. Practicing Yoga offers numbers of benefit including strong body, peace of mind reduce anxiety, increase focus and concentration.

Few minutes of yoga a week will make you more mentally alert, happier and healthier

Yoga has its significance since ancient times and it is true that yoga has helped many of us to live calm and peaceful lives

There are plenty of studies that demonstrate Yoga’s potential for health.
According to Oxford university people who practice yoga once a week can have these benefit.
Less stress.
Can lower blood pressure.
Sleep better at night.
Yoga is not just good for your mental. According to the National Institute of Health.
Helps improve musculoskeletal issues especially lower back pain.
Relieve asthma.
It makes our body more flexible.

Practicing Just 15 – 30 Minutes Of Yoga Each Day Can Make A Big Difference.

YOGA is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in health and fitness NOW.
There’s even significant evidence behind how yoga can help people lose weight including its ability to balance hormonal levels.
There is evidence to suggest that yoga can help reduce the symptoms of stress, as well as meditation or relaxation.
Research on the effects of yoga is still evolving.
In the future, we’ll need larger studies, incorporating diverse participants, which can measure yoga’s impact on heart attacks, cancer rates, cognitive function and more.
But for now, yoga can continue its ancient tradition as a way to exercise, reflect, and relax.
If you’re feeling these yoga vibes and you think you may enjoyed it then you should find the topics below, a book that contains program to help you walk through it.
Let’s start Yoga practice that involves physical and mental disciplines from ancient India you need to twist stretch turn and breath which is really helpful for your health, it heal aches and pains and keeps sickness at bay.

The Book Contains The Following Topics

The History of Yoga – Why Was It Created?
The Vedic Yoga Period
The Bhagavad-Gita and Spread of Yoga to America
What Are the 8 Sutras or Limbs of Yoga?
Yoga Myths Debunked
Yoga Is a Religion
Yoga Is for Women Only
I Don’t Want to Chant and Burn Incense so I Can’t Do Yoga
I Have To Be in Shape and Flexible to Do Yoga
Is There Any Essential Yoga Equipment I Need?
Essential – Yoga Mat
Essential – Towel
Blankets – Non-Essential
Straps – Non-Essential
Blocks – Non-Essential
Bolsters – Non-Essential
Yoga Clothing – What Should I Wear?
The Bare Essentials
Dress for Movement
Dress for Heat
Jewelry, Fitness Trackers and Watches
To Shoe or Not to Shoe
The Mind and Body Benefits of Yoga (Evidence-Based and Backed by Science)
Better Flexibility
Excellent Posture
More Muscle Mass and Strength
You Enjoy Excellent Circulation
Your Immune System Becomes Stronger
Less Stress in Mind and Body
Better Mental Focus
Better Sleep
Better Self-Esteem and Inner Strength
Other Benefits
Beginner’s Guide to Pranayama (Breathing)
3 Phases of Pranayama Breathing
5 Pranayama Techniques for Beginners
7 Hasta Mudras for Beginners
1 – Apana Mudra
2 – Yoni Mudra
3 – Karana Mudra
4 – Lotus Mudra
5 – Gyan Mudra
7 – Vitarka Mudra
8 Types of Yoga for Beginners
1 – Hatha Yoga
2 – Ashtanga Yoga
3 – Bikram Yoga
4 – Hot Yoga
5 – Vinyasa Yoga
6 – Iyengar Yoga
7 – Restorative Yoga
8 – Kundalini Yoga
7 Basic Yoga Asanas For Beginners
1 – Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukho Svanasana)
2 – Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
3 – Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)
4 – Child’s Pose (Balasana)
5 – Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)
6 – Chair Pose (Kursiasana)
7 – Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
How Often Should I Do Yoga as a Beginner?

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